Each feline guest is provided with their own fully air conditioned quarters with en-suite facilities, rest areas and toys. In the common area guests can roam, play or just curl up in a chair. An external fully secure exercise area provides guests with the opportunity to truly enjoy this rural retreat.


Daily schedule

Wake up to a daily health check

We ensure the cats are urinating and defecating normally

Morning Breakfast (Royal Canin dry food)

Cats are placed on a 1 hour rotating roster to have playtime outside of their accommodation for the first 15 minutes they receive human interaction and play.

An enrichment program suited to your cats age and energy levels.

Dinner (Royal Canin dry food with either Royal Canin wet food or pet mince)

Bed Time


Cat Boarding Prices (Effective 1st July, 2019)

Length of stay Standard Cat condo
1-14 days $25 per day $30 per day
15 – 28 days $23 per day $38 per day
Over 29 days $21 per day $26 per day
December - January $28 per day $33 per day

added extras

Standard Medication: $1.50

Extensive Medication: $3.00

Half Hour per day Quality time (human interaction): $15.00

Nail clipping: $10.00