Dog Boarding

Our retreat provides indoor/outdoor facilities with a filtered, conditioned air supply and a ducted extraction system. This ensures temperature controlled clean air comfort for all guests. During the day, between being pampered and exercised, guests can enjoy the scenery from their undercover, outside run or return inside for a nap as soothing music plays in the background.


Daily schedule

Wake up to a daily health check

Morning Breakfast (Royal Canin dry food)

During morning playtime we ensure the dogs are urinating and defecating normally

An enrichment program suited to your dogs age and energy level

Afternoon playtime dogs are put into our exercise yards to play with other dogs if you prefer we can arrange single playtime if that suits your pet

Dinner (Royal Canin dry food with either wet food or pet mince)

Bed Time


Dog Boarding Prices (Effective 1st July, 2019)

Length of stay Small dog Medium dog Large dog Suite
1-14 days $30 per day $33 per day $35 per day $48 per day
15 – 28 days $28 per day $31 per day $33 per day $46 per day
Over 29 days $26 per day $29 per day $31 per day $44 per day
December - January $33 per day $36 per day $38 per day $52 per day

* A free bath is included for guests staying longer than 7 days

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ADDED extras

Standard Medication: $1.50

Extensive Medication: $3.00

Kong Filled Treat: $4.00

Half Hour per day Paddock Walk: $25.00

Half Hour per day Exercise/Playtime: $15.00

Nail clipping: $10.00

Bathing: $25.00 - $35.00