Terms & Conditions

This is a contract between Sian Holdings Pty Ltd ATF Pawtails Rural Retreat Trust trading as Pawtails Rural Retreat and the pet owner.

Pawtails Rural Retreat agrees to exercise due and responsible care, handle pets with kindness and always place their welfare above all else. 

  1. Owner agrees to pay Pawtails Rural Retreat to board their pet/s. Long term boarders will have monthly payments processed on the credit card. The full period booked will be charged at time of booking for school holiday period. 

  2. All pets are up to date with vaccinations and have not had or been in contact with transmittable disease in the past 6 weeks. 

  3. All fees are subject to change without notice. Boarding rates are charged on a calendar day basis.

  4. Owners acknowledges that payment is to be made in full at check-in and there are no refunds for early pick-ups and that any other or charges are to be paid in full before the removal of the pet/s. 

  5. Pawtails Rural Retreat is authorised to do whatever they deem necessary for the health and the wellbeing for owners pet/s. Owner give authority to Pawtails Rural Retreat to call a Veterinary Surgeon for any treatment, procedures or to gather or exchange information of the pet/s in the event of sickness, illness, accident, injury and any reason should Pawtails Rural Retreat deem necessary at the owners expense and agree to pay all expenses prior to removal of the pet/s. In the event of serious illness the owner cannot be contacted, the Veterinarian’s decision shall be final. 

  6. Pawtails Rural Retreat are without reasonability for canine influenza, paralysis tick, sickness, illness, accident, injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, where diligence and care has been exercised. 

  7. Owners agree if their pet/s attack or cause serious injury to any person or animal, or demolish any items, owner will be held financially liable. 

  8. Owner give permission for displaying images of their pet/s for any Pawtails Rural Retreat marketing campaigns, where applicable. 

  9. Owner claims all forms have been filled out by the owner and are true.